I don’t know just how often I might have heard this saying “If you do not know where you’re going, you’ll probably never get there” , or, “if you do know what it is that you want, you probably won’t get it.”

If life’s all about knowing what you want…

Welcome to the Polyglot series. In this series, I’ll share stories of people who successfully learned a foreign language, (more often than not, without having traveled to the country where it is spoken)


How does it feel like to learn a foreign language? …

Most people who buy dumbbells do so with very noble intentions. I believe myself to be such a man, so I too purchased dumbbells; and not just any kind, 12.5 kilos each.

When I first bought them, I surely put them to use. For a while I was even proud…

When we usually sets goals, we have priorities. Certain goals occupy a higher rank, and certain goals occupy a lower rank.

Whatever the case may be, there is one thing that leads to the derailment of the goals that we set, and more often than not, it is very subtle.

If you’ve taken on the brave task of learning a foreign language, you’ve definitely come across this phenomenon. You wanted to say something in your target language, but you ended up using the structure of your native language. Here is an example:

I am twenty years old in Spanish does…

According to the French Lecturer Idriss Aberkane, this is the currency of the knowledge economy :

AT ( Attention x Time)

Learning any new skill requires your time and attention. If you listened to an hour long podcast, but were texting someone over Whatsapp the whole time, the chances that…

Todas las personas no disponen del dinero necesario para aprender un idioma extranjero. Otros, simplemente son tacaños. La buena noticia es, si cabes dentro de uno de los dos grupos, traigo buena noticia.

Compartiré información de recursos gratis, los que puedes acceder sin pagar ni un centavo.

En vez de…

I was thinking about why we absolutely HATE advertisements. Although I know we HATE ads, I still failed to understand WHY. Then it finally struck me !

I’ll explain the same through a thought experiment.

When someone breaks into your house, that normally would be a crime, since no one should have permission to enter your private space without your consent.

Now imagine seeing an ad pop up out of nowhere when you’re watching a Youtube video. Someone just forcefully entered you’re mental space and that’s why you’re pissed off.

Not sure if this was the best of examples, but it helped me understand why we HATE advertisements.

(Read this only if you feel something’s missing from life as it is)

It’s Friday evening and you’re just done with your 9 to 5 (or 12 to 7 or whatever it is, you get the point!). If you’re among the millions of people on Planet Earth who are working…

Mucha gente cree que hoy en día, la tecnología, a pesar de todos sus beneficios, está haciendo del mundo un lugar más solitario. Los teléfonos móviles, que fueron inventados para hacer y recibir llamadas telefónicas, ahora se utilizan con poca frecuencia para ese mismo propósito. Tenemos aplicaciones, alarmas y mensajería…

Kunal Kher

Hi, I’m a writer who likes to share my ideas on life musings and languages.

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