Learning a language — Do you need to move abroad?

A big myth that most people believe to this day is that learning a language requires you to live in the country where it is spoken. Unless the language you’re trying to learn is spoken by very few people in a remote area, you do not need to move to the country where the language is spoken.

The way we all learn languages is through comprehensible input (C.I.) — Messages we can understand. As and when we absorb more C.I. , we begin to increase our knowledge of the language we are trying to acquire.

The reason we can now learn languages without moving to the country where it is spoken is:

  1. The amount of content available on Youtube.
  2. The amount of free written material available in the form of news and eBooks on the internet.
  3. The ability to contact native speakers through various applications on the Internet.

I started learning Spanish at the age of 21 in India. Till date, I have not been to a Spanish speaking country, yet, I have passed the C1 exam and now have my own Youtube channel where I publish content in Spanish.

You can surely learn your target language in your home country.

Hi, I’m a writer who likes to share my ideas on life musings and languages.